Full Stack Software Engineer, Front End Emphasis

What’s Up? 

We’re hiring a full stack software engineer that can build features end-to-end with passion and focus on cutting edge front-end technologies who is looking for new challenges at a fast-growing early stage start-up, backed by leading healthcare investors. We are looking to supplement our team with someone skilled in utilizing modern frameworks to speed up development and deliver exciting user experiences. You will be instrumental in helping us move to a modern approach that optimizes patient experience delivering results and growing our impact. 

Why Now? 

What we are doing is working! Our agile approach, foundational technologies and core designs are  enabling core competencies in personalization, relevancy, and content, driving results. Patients are engaging and booking necessary care at rates 5 – 10x beyond industry benchmarks. So why now? We are committed to continuous improvement and strive to do better and go faster. Enhancing our front-end designs and technologies will allow us to advance our platform feature set while accelerating the entire engineering team. 

Who Are You? 

You are excited to work in a completely cloud-based .NET ecosystem and know that many full stack technology backgrounds can be adapted to this role. You are passionate about and experienced in front-end technologies and familiar with most of the skills listed here as well as excited to professionally develop in others. You believe that embedding cutting-edge front-end technologies can meaningfully impact patient experience and client outcomes. 

  • HTML 5 
  • CSS 
  • Bootstrap 3, 4 
  • JavaScript (ECMA 5, 6) 
    • Library Design 
    • Component-based Design 
    • Namespace Usage 
    • Module Pattern 
    • Closure Usage 
    • Maintainability 
  • jQuery (2.x, 3.x) 
  • Chrome or Safari Dev Tools 
  • Git 
  • C# 
  • Entity Framework 
  • Microsoft SQL Server  
  • Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code 

Email your resume to info@upfronthealthcare.com