Senior Implementation Manager

What’s Up? 

We’re hiring a senior implementation manager with passion and focus on client success and creating an exceptional experience for hundreds of thousands of patients on behalf of our healthcare system partners. We are looking for a leader to help us continuously improve our implementation process and documentation to deliver impactful solutions efficiently and quickly.  

Why Now? 

In the last twelve months we have experienced 4x growth in revenue increasing the demand for project management leaders. Our recent partnership with Zipnosis also widens our demand generation opportunity beyond our highly successful internal sales and account management teams. And with an ambitious and exciting roadmap in front of us, we expect to continue our exponential growth adding both new clients as well as expansions at existing clients. We are investing now to position us to succeed as we grow and are looking for a leader to help us scale our implementation models and crush our enterprise projects! 

Who Are You? 

You love people, process and projects. And aspire to build long-term partnerships built on transparency and results. 

You wake up thinking about how to create value for clients and close out your workday with detailed updates on status and next steps. Bringing order to complex implementations so that each member of the project team can succeed in the quality and timeliness of their deliverables is your version of Marie Kondo’s Joy.”  

You are adept at navigating the inevitable changes mid-project as a result of evolving strategic goals at healthcare systems, love building documentation and process that make projects easy for clients, and know how to align personnel across organizations and departments to bring iterative value throughout the implementation journey.  

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