Quality Assurance Engineer

What’s Up? 

We’re hiring a QA engineer to champion software quality throughout the Software Development Life Cycle who is looking for new challenges at a fast-growing early stage start-up, backed by leading healthcare investors.  We are looking to expand our team by adding someone who leaves no stone unturned with an eye for user experience. You will be instrumental in helping us ensure positive patient experience, delivering results and growing our impact. 

Why Now? 

What we are doing is working! Our agile approach, foundational technologies and core designs are enabling core competencies in personalization, relevancy, content, and driving results. Patients are engaging and booking necessary care at rates 5 – 10x beyond industry benchmarks. So why now? We are committed to continuous improvement and strive to do better and go faster.  With our ambitious product roadmap, delivering bug-free software at scale is a top priority. With that roadmap in mind (as you can tell from our posting pages,) more software engineers are also joining our team creating demand for QA teammates so that quality is never sacrificed. 

Who Are You? 

You are excited to join a dynamic team, working closely with software engineers, product, UX, client services, sales, and leadership. You are hungry to grow your technical QA skills and passionate about being a gatekeeper between the development process and the production system. With familiarity with SQL under your belt, you are ready to embrace a fast-moving process that moves high quality software into the cloud, to meaningfully impact patient experience and client outcomes. You are passionate about and have experience in quality assurance and are familiar with many of the skills listed here as well as excited to professionally develop in others. 

  • SQL  
  • Test Planning 
  • Triaging, Tracking, and Reporting Bugs 
  • Agile Methodologies 
  • Postman 
  • Load and Stress Testing 
  • Mobile Testing 
  • Strong Communication Skills 
  • Microsoft Office 

Email your resume to [email protected]