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Large Academic Medical Center



Case Description

To sustain and support their growing Medicaid population with positive margins, the AMC needed to guide patients to complete necessary care at scale. Understanding the the potential for a broader engagement strategy, Upfront focused on recalling patients for Annual Wellness Visits to enhance population health efforts, increase revenue, and deliver coordinated care.


The goal was to improve quality of care delivered and increase revenue while becoming more efficient operationally. Before Upfront, the AMC was struggling with complex manual processes and unengaged patients. Most importantly, they allocated valuable and costly resources to telephonically outreach to a limited number of patients while constantly hiring and training resources to keep up with their grouping population. To address this challenge, the AMC needed a way to deliver automated and personalized care navigation to all patients.



Leveraging the AMC’s data, the Upfront platform used advanced analytics to identify and prioritize patients who were due for an AWV. Upfront then delivered a personalized, responsively designed webpage via link in a text message educating and navigating patients to schedule their AWV at the appropriate location. Patients who also needed additional preventative screenings and tests were prioritized in AWV outreach with the intention that a provider would also address those during the visit.



Upfront was able to increase outreach to 68,344 patients to drive Annual Wellness Visit completion rates by connecting patients to the necessary care they need and activating them to complete their visit. 


Conversion rate


Scheduled visits


Generated in revenue

“It’s really important to create an engagement ecosystem. Upfront removes obstacles to getting patients the right information at the right time."

Eileen Varnson, Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Riverside Health System

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