Redesigning your Digital Strategy During a Crisis and Beyond

Health systems in 2020 are faced with new and continually evolving competitive challenges, at the forefront of which is the shift to healthcare consumerism. While health systems have shifted to meet consumer demand by offering a litany of digital and clinical services, most patients have no idea that these new services exist or, if they are aware, they rarely know how and when to use them. However, there is still a distinct shortfall between consumer desires and health system services.

Patients expect and need to be engaged throughout their consumer journey in a way that leverages intelligence to give them relevant and personalized guidance, and makes it easy for them to access and receive care. Health systems are realizing they can’t rely on patients to seek this information out via marketing websites, downloading an app, or searching a portal—they have to take away the friction points for patients to complete their care in their system.

Fill out the form and listen to Ben Albert, CEO at Upfront, Jon Pearce, CEO at Zipnosis and Chris DuFresne, Vice President Experience and Marketing Operations at Allina Health to discuss how this strategic transformation is critical in order to maintain the operational, clinical and financial viability of the health system by fostering patient loyalty.



“We had an urgent need to quickly and digitally onboard patients to our services and Upfront was able to demonstrate results within a month.”

Nick Martin, Chief Technology Officer

DuPage Medical Group