Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll see a lot of answers to our most frequently asked questions below, however, if you have additional questions about patient navigation, platform implementation or support, please contact us. We’re here to help!

  • Digital, personalized guidance based on patient data, their care needs and the system services available to support each patient throughout their care journey.

  • Depending on the service, Upfront ingests patient demographic, billing/claims, quality, and schedule data to drive strategic insights. We support multiple data integration methodologies and leverage the methodology that best suits each client. With this approach, we are able to deliver efficient implementations that only require available client technical resources. SFTP Data Transfer is our most commonly used and flexible integration strategy that utilizes the exchange of flat files across secure file transfer protocols.

  • Upfront’s push Scheduling product is a convenient, user-friendly way to schedule visits. Patients engaging with a curated experience from Upfront are able to quickly view and choose available time slots from their preferred provider

  • The Upfront Platform is a secure, HIPAA-compliant solution. All client data is encrypted and stored on their own unique database. We do not co-mingle client data.

  • Upfront currently supports English and Spanish. Additional languages are included on our roadmap.

  • The Upfront Platform is in compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Additionally, Upfront configures the platform for each client to ensure compliance with the client’s outreach policy. With that said, the vast majority of our clients utilize the opt-out strategy, rather than opt-in. In this approach, we deliver outreach to identified patients and always provide the option for them to stop receiving communications.

  • A responsively designed webpage comprised of context driven, personalized content that includes a clear call to action. Upfront uses your data to create and deliver a unique digital experience that is specific to each patient.

  • Using the strategic insights from your data, Upfront personalizes relevant and unique content to guide and enable each patient to complete their desired action.

  • Upfront’s unique approach to patient engagement eliminates the cumbersome App download process and does not require patients to remember a username and password by utilizing our proprietary microsite technology. This approach removes barriers to adoption and delivers a convenient and easy to use experience.

  • Upfront’s business model is subscription based plus additional services fees. This model allows us to scale and drive the greatest return for our clients.

  • Upfront measures two levels of performance. First, we track touchpoint and engagement data to measure how patients are engaging with our platform. Second, we track performance against agreed upon organizational KPI’s with each client to measure our impact and outcomes. We provide regular reporting on both levels of performance tracking.