Barbara Bartosch

Vice President of Services

Combining three decades of healthcare experience in her role, Barbara Bartosch leverages her background working in healthcare operations to enhance the services experience. Her focus remains on a high level of client satisfaction along with practical project and client management allows her to keep the services mission on point. “When it comes to Services, too often the emphasis becomes managing escalations and delays – overshadowing the desired outcome. Our Services team is dedicated to assuring how a client gets there is the background story to the real star – successful results.”

Barbara’s noteable career has included working within: large health systems, community health systems, super provider groups, small provider practices, ambulatory and surgical standalone clinics, and specialty services. This inventory of healthcare facility and healthcare type accounts for her ability to dig into the details of any project quickly and understand the big picture outcome needed and expected by clients. Equally impressive is the list of over 50 healthcare applications, large vendors and small, that Barb has implemented and oversaw management inclusive of engineering workflow.

Barbara has never lived outside of a 10-mile radius in the Greater Chicago area, much like the family and friends she enjoys hosting on Thanksgiving and other holidays. When she’s not socializing, you can find Barb at the track placing bets on ponies. Her winnings have yielded many home remodeling projects which you can bet she managed like none other.

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