Patrick Fulton

Chief Technology Officer

Patrick Fulton is a proven architect and technical leader with over 15 years of development and managerial experience. He enjoys acting as a technical resource for his team and managing developers with different technical backgrounds and personalities. As CTO, he remains focused on building highly flexible software designs that can be quickly scaled to changing customer and business needs.

Prior to joining Upfront, Patrick held many positions at ZirMed (pre-acquisition) where he was responsible for design, implementation, framework, and builds for some of the largest, most complex ERP and SaaS systems. Most recently, Patrick moved to Chicago for the Method Care acquisition where he was responsible for product lines built around machine learning and predictive analytics and managed one of the largest teams responsible for contract management and payment variance solutions. Patrick holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Computer Information Sciences from the University of Louisville, focusing on machine learning and software development methodologies.

When he is not working, you can find Pat caring for his enormously fat pug, Maggers! (Who he describes as more of a lifestyle choice than a pet.)

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