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Rakesh Barak

Years in healthcare: 11

Areas of expertise:

  • Product Strategy
  • Global Team-Building

Rakesh Barak

Senior Vice President, Innovation & Global Engineering

What is your why?

I am passionate about helping healthcare brands apply digital innovation to influence health consumer journeys, improve health outcomes, and transform health consumer experiences.

Rakesh brings more than two decades of experience in the technology industry. He is responsible for building next generation solutions to transform health consumer experiences and leads global product and engineering teams. He is passionate about helping brands apply digital innovation to reduce healthcare costs and improve health outcomes.

He began his career as an engineer, and over the last two decades has played a broad spectrum of roles across engineering, professional services, and pre-sales functions.

Empower patients
every step of the way.

We’re a healthcare company leveraging technology, not the other way around. Upfront leans on its deep healthcare expertise and client relationships to maximize the impact of our technology, delivering a next-generation patient experience.