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Looking to generate a specific outcome for a defined patient population? We’re seeing conversion rates as high as 64 percent.

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  • Leverage analytics to drive patient actions that align with Value-based care contracts to secure better outcomes and reduce total cost to care
  • Design optimal roll-out of use cases to support your organization’s VBC and Quality objectives and enhance patient experience
  • Adapt quickly to new goals driven by quality initiatives and value-based contracts
  • “Upfront’s data-driven platform enhances our population health efforts and drives appropriate triage of care within the entire target patient population,” said Robb Malone, Chief Operating Officer, for UNC Health Alliance

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Leverage the Annual Wellness Visit: 4 Ways to Motivate your Patients to Take Action

The annual wellness visit (AWV) is one of the most important components of care. It’s an opportunity for providers to create a strategy for each patient’s unique care needs, and prevent health problems and disability. Not only is the AWV a way to maximize wellness efforts, but it also aims to grow health-related engagement and independence in older adults. By using the AWV as a way for health promotion and disease prevention, both patients and health systems could see major reductions in annual healthcare costs. Not to mention, the AWV is free for Medicare patients. So why is getting patients to complete an AWV like pulling teeth?

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