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Press Release – Upfront Has Seen Incredible Growth in 2018

Upfront Has Seen Incredible Growth in 2018   


Chicago, IL Upfront, the market leader in content personalization and automated care navigation, now supports close to 1 million lives associated with over 60 facilities and 4000 clinicians. This growth comes at a time where the consumer’s role in healthcare continues to expand, dictating many health systems top priority improving the consumer experience.  

Upfront successfully partners with health systems to execute an automated digital navigation strategy for all consumers. The Upfront Personalization Platform enables a much-improved consumer experience by using a data-driven continuous approach to create a one-to-one relationship, prompting consumers to take the best next action throughout the duration of their care journey.

Given their experience in consumer-centric, non-healthcare industries, consumers now expect a personalized, modern experience from their healthcare providers, too. Upfront’s tailored outreach facilitates a trusting, connected, and supported consumer experience as they navigate the resources and services available to them. Consumers feel educated, prompting more engagement in their care and loyalty to the health system.

“This growth is driven by consumers wanting their healthcare experience where they already spend much of their time, on their phones,” said CEO and Co-founder, Ben Albert. “The Upfront Personalization Platform sends digital and secure, microsites (personalized web pages) to consumers within the context of their care needs, allowing patients to feel in control of their care and taken care of by their health system.”

Since launching in 2016, Upfront’s data driven personalization platform, which identifies, prioritizes and educates patients on why, how and when to use approbate service lines, has helped a number of ambulatory organizations improve access, achieve greater operational efficiency, and deliver a modern consumer experience where patients feel connected to their health system. 

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