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Upfront is committed to safeguarding healthcare enterprise data, ensuring regulatory compliance and keeping health information private, safe, and secure.

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Security Overview

Total privacy assurance

At Upfront, harnessing data to drive decision-making is a critical component of our work. We’re committed to incorporating industry-accepted best practices and frameworks to deliver advanced security protections. Our security controls enable enterprise partners to shield sensitive data, comply with healthcare regulatory requirements, and achieve transformational growth — protecting data privacy at every turn.

Achieving the highest standard of healthcare data security

Upfront is proud to be recognized as a leader in health system security and interoperability, earning our company a HITRUST Risk-based, 2-year Certification. 

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Explore our information security features

At Upfront, protecting patient trust and data security is a top priority. Learn more about our security frameworks strategy below.

Organizational security

At Upfront, operational security protections begin the moment an employee walks through the door. Employees undergo a thorough background check and are required to complete annual privacy and security awareness training to ensure ongoing security protection.

  • Employee background checks
  • Annual security awareness training
  • Annual risk assessments and security audits  


Endpoint security technologies are implemented to protect the company’s laptops, desktop computers, and mobile devices from malware and unauthorized access. Sensitive data is never stored on personal employee devices.

  • Anti-virus, anti-malware, firewalls, and IDS/OPS/ODPS
  • Data loss prevention
  • Encryption technology


Our robust third-party assurance program ensures the security and compliance of our vendors and service providers, further protecting sensitive client information.

  • Vendor infrastructure and application assessment
  • Industry certifications review
  • Compliance verification


To ensure the confidentiality and integrity of healthcare data, Upfront proactively prevents technical security vulnerabilities through a robust vulnerability management program.  

  • Audit logging and monitoring
  • Regular vulnerability assessments through scanning technology
  • Identification and authentication controls 


Upfront safeguards all covered information transmitted over wireless networks agains unauthorized access, and maintains physical security over areas requiring strict access control.  

  • Facility and environmental security
  • Monthly reviews of visitor control logs
  • Secure Azure cloud 

Identity and
access control

 Eligible employees may request PHI access with manager or CISO approval. Access is time-boxed and isolated to a specific client, with all actions logged and reviewed on a recurring basis.

  • Access granted upon CISO approval
  • Time-boxed access and activity logging
  • Role-based access w/ multi-factor authorization


We identify and assign a unique classification and associated handling instructions for each data type the organization owns or is entrusted with, ensuring protected healthcare data is always in the right hands.

  • Classification and handling
  • Data isolation
  • Retention and disposal


 Upfront supports and maintains a viable information privacy and security incident management program. In the case of the event, our incident response teams is prepared to act quickly to identify and contain security issues.

  • Contingency plan management
  • Breach management
  • Dedicated incident response

Data intelligence is central to driving healthcare innovation. Our approach to privacy is grounded in our commitment to our core principles: Service, Transparency, and Continuous Improvement. At Upfront, we’re dedicated to the highest standard of privacy practices, promoting cybersecurity resilience and resolving to take consistent action to protect all assets of our valued partners.

Eric Naples
Chief Privacy Officer

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Peace of mind at every turn

We know that protecting the security of your healthcare enterprise remains a top priority. To learn more about how Upfront ensures confidentiality, privacy and integrity — and explore our full range of patient engagement solutions, contact the Upfront team.