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Healthcare is undergoing a transformative shift

Upfront fuses proven behavioral science with our proprietary psychographic segmentation model to influence consumer behaviors and meet patients where they are. We leverage psychographic profiles to understand patients’ lifestyle, motivations, and engagement preferences to deliver hyper-relevant messages designed to trigger action. Our advanced analytics enable healthcare organizations to achieve superior personalization and powerful health outcomes at scale, one patient at a time.

See where you fit in.

Our five psychographic segments detail a unique set of motivations and behaviors requiring a different engagement strategy.

Headshot Achiever
Icon Mountain

Self Achiever

21% of all patients

Focused on goals and measures.


Responds more in AM

Proactive in scheduling preventative care

Headshot Balance
Icon Scale

Balance Seeker

15% of all patients

Focused on choices, context, and candor


Engages with video content

Prefers email

Headshot Juggler
Icon Juggle

Priority Juggler

12% of all patients

Focused on family & duty.


More likely to live in the suburbs

Prefers embedded scheduling tool

Headshot Responder
Icon Sign

Trustful Responder

15% of all patients

Focused on specificity & direction.


Values physician guidance and evidence

Responds best to email

Headshot Endurer
Icon Hourglass

Willful Endurer

37% of all patients

Focused on living for today.


Schedules when given options

Needs 24 hour reminder nudge

Proactive & Engaged Reactive or Disengaged

Explore the Segments

  • 21% of the Population
  • Goals & Measures

Self Achievers are the most proactive when it comes to their wellness, investing what is necessary for their health and appearance. They stay on top of health issues with regular medical check-ups, screenings, and research. Motivated by goals and achievement, Self Achievers will tackle a challenge if they are given progress measures.

  • 15% of the population
  • Choices, Context, Candor

Balance Seekers are generally proactive in their health and are wellness-oriented. They are open to many ideas, sources of information and treatment options when it comes to their healthcare. Balance Seekers themselves – not healthcare professionals – define what success looks like in their health. Having choices is very important for these individuals.

  • 12% of the population
  • Family & Duty

Priority Jugglers are very busy with many responsibilities. Because of these commitments, they may invest in their own wellbeing and are reactive when it comes to their own, personal health issues. However, Priority Jugglers are very proactive when it comes to their family’s health and will make sure their loved ones receive the care they need.

  • 15% of the population
  • Specific & Directive

Trustful Responders believe their physician is the most credible resource for their healthcare needs. They look to healthcare professionals for direction and guidance because of their credentials. However, Trustful Responders may not always follow advice – not because they disagree, but because they have trouble incorporating it into their daily routine.

  • 37% of the population
  • Living for Today

Willful Endurers live in the “here and now” and believe there are more important things to focus on than their health. They are not necessarily unhealthy, but they do what they like, when they like, and have a difficult time changing habits. They are self-reliant and can withstand anything life throws at them, going to the doctor only when they must.

Psych Achiever
Psych Balance
Psych Juggler
Psych Responder
Psych Endurer

Motivate patient behavior with healthcare consumer science.

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