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Deeply engage every patient at scale

Build a fully-integrated patient experience through a single enterprise solution. The Upfront platform leverages data-driven personalization to eliminate communication silos and connect patients to the care they need, driving healthcare transformation forward.

Delivering healthcare’s next-generation patient engagement platform

Healthcare organizations are juggling multiple vendors — and losing patients in the process. Upfront removes access barriers by combining powerful consumer insights with machine learning to create highly-personalized patient communications, activating patients across the continuum of care.

  • Powerful data
  • Cognitive models

Take your knowledge of patients from persona to person at scale with Upfront’s proprietary continuous learning models, informed by patient behavior and outcomes.

  • Flexible data models
  • Turn key integrations

Data in, data out with ease. Easily integrate with source systems, leveraging extensible data models.

  • Omnichannel communication
  • Guided, personalized experiences

The right message, right channel, right time. Upfront’s automated guided journeys drive outcomes, supercharged by personalization analytics.

  • Collaborative inbox
  • Code-free automations

Workflow, task management, and operational reporting designed to make your team more efficient without sacrificing patient experience.

  • Rich reporting tools
  • Operational KPIs

Full view into patient engagement and outcomes with self-service reporting and purpose-built dashboards.


of patients feel confused or unsatisfied by communication from their providers.

Create proactive, continuous digital engagement

Wondering how to activate Aisha to schedule her mammogram? Or motivate Max to make a payment? The Upfront platform collects extensive data - from patient-reported outcomes, to psychographic segments, to behavior patterns -identifying and prioritizing your patients’ most pressing needs. The platform then delivers relevant communication at precise moments to inspire action. No fill-in-the-blank mass text blasts.

Every targeted interaction is another opportunity for our personalization algorithm to get smarter. It’s just one way we’re helping our healthcare partners build authentic, loyal patient relationships for the long term.

Upfront is the leading engagement platform

Explore our advanced features

Osf Healthcare Horizontal
Case Study

Learn how OSF HealthCare reversed the disparity, activated 52% of patients to schedule mammograms with Upfront

OSF HealthCare needed a scalable intervention to help close breast cancer screening care gaps. To educate, motivate, and navigate patients to return for vital preventative care, OSF leveraged Upfront to implement a digital program that proactively communicates with all patients, completing appointments for mammograms before they were overdue.

Delivering safe, secure, cloud-based solutions at scale

Patient trust and data security are core to everything we do at Upfront. Our cloud-based platform is designed to scale horizontally with your organization, enabling you to always deliver highly individualized experiences even as you grow to serve more patients.

Platform Safe Secure
Zero Friction

Acquire and retain patients with zero-friction adoption

The Upfront platform is easy to implement and scale across the healthcare enterprise. There are no apps to download and patients are not required to remember a portal login. Engineered with advanced interoperability and seamless integration capabilities, Upfront is designed to complement your existing solutions without the hassle of typical digital transformation bottlenecks.

Our commitment to data privacy and security

At Upfront, we have exhaustive experience supporting healthcare data across multiple entities and understand how critical data privacy is to healthcare organizations. Our commitment to security is based on three principles: protection against ongoing threats, detection of emergent vulnerabilities, and immediate response to security issues should they arise. We safeguard your Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) through industry-leading data security protocols and practices and carefully track and monitor all data interactions. Our development team utilizes an Agile Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) as part of our DevOps process that is rooted in a comprehensive understanding of information security awareness.

Platform Security Compliance

Our partnership with Upfront has been transformative – both for our relationships with patients and for operational efficiency. We were able to sunset two point solutions and consolidate on a single platform. With fewer vendors and Upfront's advanced interoperability, the systems we rely on work together more intuitively for the good of providers and patients.

Michael Schajer
Regional CMIO, Hartford HealthCare

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No challenge is too big for Upfront. If your healthcare organization is searching for a single enterprise solution to boost patient engagement, get in touch with our healthcare experts and see the Upfront platform in action.