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Where data-driven transformation meets humanity.

The Bartosch Patient Activation Institute is Upfront's applied research center, dedicated to solving your most complex healthcare challenges by combining research, data, and design with human insights to achieve best-in-class patient activation outcomes.

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Solving real-world challenges in healthcare delivery

Today’s patients are choosing healthcare based on experience — and healthcare organizations don’t make it easy for patients to get the care they need.

Whether it’s finding an easy way to schedule appointments or addressing a lack of transportation, patients want their unique needs met.

At the Bartosch Patient Activation Institute, we’re dedicated to minimizing action barriers and improving health equity to create a curated, targeted and human-centered experience to activate all patients to the care they need.

Our applied research center serves as the brain trust of Upfront; it’s where our team of healthcare experts share evidence-backed research and insights captured through the Upfront platform to move beyond engagement, so we can continuously improve our product and transfer patient activation best practices to the field.     

Because every patient deserves high quality care

At Upfront, we believe in the promise of personalization in healthcare. It is our responsibility to ensure that every patient is treated with dignity and respect, and receives a high-quality healthcare experience.

The Bartosch Patient Activation Institute drives actionable best practices for improving health equity by addressing common social risks and grounding communication in everyday language to authentically connect with patients and address health barriers that prevent people from getting the care they need and deserve.   

Our applied research approach

The Bartosch Patient Activation Institute is committed to advancing health equity for all patients — not just high-risk individuals. We remain focused on building a highly-personalized and authentic approach to patient activation to maximize the impact of our technology and guide patients to necessary care.

  • Consultative approach
  • Design sprints

We structure brainstorming sessions to gain an understanding of our partners’ challenges and work to develop solutions using omnichannel outreach to optimize existing workflows.

  • Inclusive UX design
  • Rich, personalized content

Upfront combines compelling visual design with relevant, human-centered, and plain-language content to create next-generation microsites — designed to educate, motivate and engage every patient.

  • Patient-data mapping
  • Frictionless integration

Optimize engagement with every interaction with our in-depth analytics and reporting. Build a rich database of insights, monitor and measure progress, and pivot your approach to drive maximum outcomes.

  • Barrier identification
  • Proactive digital engagement

Get to know your patients on a deeper level. Along with patient-reported data, we incorporate sociodemographics, behavioral science, and psychographics inputs to address access barriers and activate patients to get the care they need.

Better Personalization

better personalization

To truly individualize healthcare experiences, we must understand patients’ attitudes, values, lifestyles, and personalities. Getting to the root of a healthcare consumer’s unique motivations allows for targeted interactions based on their preferred communication style. One of many ways we personalize is through our proprietary psychographic segmentation model, bringing a longtime cornerstone of consumer science to healthcare delivery.

Meet our Patient Activation Experts

Lindsay Zimmerman

Background: Data Science + Research + Public Health

Years in healthcare: 14

Focus: Health Equity and Data Science

Lindsay Zimmerman, PhD, MPH

Vice President, Bartosch Patient Activation Institute

Casey Albertson

Background: Consumer Research + Human Behavior + Marketing

Years in healthcare: 38

Focus: Psychographics and Consumer Research

Casey Albertson

Strategic Advisor

Nick Patel

Background: Clinical Care + Digital Transformation + Population Health

Years in healthcare: 25

Focus: Clinical Care Journeys and Digital Tools

Nick Patel, MD

Chief Transformation Officer

Jan Berger

Background: Patient Behavior + Innovation + Clinical Care

Years in healthcare: 35

Focus: Patient Trust and Healthcare Innovation

Jan Berger, MD, MJ


Hartford Healthcare (hhc) Rev Horz
Case Study

See how Upfront used solution design at Hartford HealthCare to activate its Medicare Advantage patient population ​

Upfront’s healthcare experts led a two-day design sprint with Hartford HealthCare to explore methods for building an outstanding patient experience for its Medicare Advantage population. After identifying more than 70 key opportunity areas, Upfront worked with the Connecticut-based system to augment its existing workflows with personalized activation strategies to empower patients to enroll in MA plans, engage in preventative care, manage chronic conditions, and easily schedule referrals and necessary care. Upfront then created detailed User Journey and Workflow Mapping to drive Upfront’s recommendations into healthy actions.

Working with Upfront, we have been able to unlock new capabilities and rapidly scale to meet patients’ needs -- in a seamless, personalized way. Redesigning our Medicare Advantage experience in collaboration with the Institute - from enrollment, to booking necessary care, to easing post-visit referral scheduling - allows us to engage and activate members to get the care they need.

Debra Hayes
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Integrated Care Partners, HHC’s clinical integration organization 

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Deb Hayes (1)
Barbara Bartosch

“We should be able to do better.”

Honoring the legacy of Barbara Bartosch

The Bartosch Patient Activation Institute commemorates the life and legacy of the late Barbara Bartosch, Vice President - Client Services at Upfront, with a significant investment in research and development centered on transforming the patient experience. Before Barbara passed away, she wrote the above words in her last blog post. Today, these words guide our company’s committment to bring equity, ease, and empathy to healthcare delivery.

Connect with the Bartosch Patient Activation Institute

We can’t spur healthcare innovation without our client partners. If you’re interested in learning more about our research-backed approach to driving patient activation and improving outcomes, get in touch.