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Announcement – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Patient Engagement Program

Respond to COVID-19 with personalized patient communication and navigation

As the number of Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases rapidly increases, health systems are in the midst of caring for those affected while communicating prevention and safety measures to those unaffected. Upfront is committed to the health and safety of all patients AND your team working tirelessly to serve their community.

Upfront deployed Coronavirus-related programs* for scalable, personalized navigation for the following segments:

  • Confirmed COVID-19 in self-quarantine: Daily checks with symptom survey and path to video visit, wellness call, escalation to provider, etc.
  • Non-confirmed COVID-19 triaged by you via e- / virtual visit or call: Daily or every other day checks with symptom survey and path to video visit, call, etc.
  • General population, with personalized content by age, risk, geography, etc: Personalized education (symptoms, prevention, national emergency details, etc.), community resources, and surveys for who qualifies for a test, how to use e- / video visits and nurse calls, etc.
  • COVID-19 test results: Automated, digital delivery of COVID-19 test results to patients along with education and information about what it means for the patient.
  • Employees: Specific information that needs to be distributed real-time to employees, links for triage and assessment steps, etc.

Content is updated daily with the latest guidelines and triage from the CDC, WHO, National Health Emergency Preparedness, and you.

For patients– Programs navigate every patient using health literacy, clinically accurate education, and health communication best practices.

For employees– Content for healthcare employees should be different than content distributed to patients. We empower your team with the latest information to keep themselves healthy and triage next steps if they are exposed to or confirmed with COVID-19.

Upfront assembles patient-specific microsites that navigate every person to the most appropriate site of care (i.e. your telehealth solution), guide on keeping versus canceling appointments, direct them to approved website(s) for continued updates, triage symptoms with actionable next steps, and outline information on preventing the spread of coronavirus.

Turnkey Programs


  1. Obtain a minimum dataset via SFTP
  • Person: Name, Unique ID, Mobile Phone Number, Email, Additional Phone Numbers
  • Demographics: Age, Gender, Address, Zip Code
  • (As available) Attributed Provider: Physician, Practice, Provider Phone Numbers
  • (Optional) Health Status: Risk Level, Diagnosis Category, Acuity Level, Established Care, Other
  1. Content approval
  • Provide logo and details about available services (telehealth, hotlines, etc.)
  • Review final personalized content based on data provided
  • Sign off on content, segmentation logic and timing
  1. Patient / Employee Engagement and Navigation
  • Guide patients to the most relevant site of care through verified education and personalized calls-to-action
  • Reassure patients that you are still available for their current health needs not related to COVID-19
  • Navigate patients to virtual care, provider phone / hotlines, or Upfront triage, if symptoms arise



In a matter of days since launching this program, Upfront delivered outreach to 454,700 patients, generating 154,600 engagements and creating a 34% click-through rate. For patients seeking immediate care as a result of concerns or symptoms, 50% utilized the nurse triage line and 50% sought a virtual visit. The medical group is incredibly appreciative of the fast turnaround and clinical guidance Upfront provides and is looking forward to supporting their patients with the help of Upfront’s robust platform.

To learn more about our COVID-19 program contact:

Patrick Dienes
Upfront Healthcare Services
[email protected]

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