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Fox 61: Hartford Healthcare Introduces New Vaccination Appointment System

IN THE NEWS: Fox 61 Hartford Healthcare Introduces New Vaccination Appointment System

HARTFORD, Conn. — Hartford Healthcare is announcing a new alternative way to book your COVID vaccine appointment.

Beginning tomorrow, if you are between the ages of 45-55, haven’t been vaccinated, and are registered through My Chart, Hartford Healthcare’s current vaccine booking system, you’ll automatically get a text message or email with a link.

Click that link and you’ll be able to schedule your appointment in advance, view availability, and bypass the MyChart system.

Dr. Ajay Kumar, Chief Clinical Officer, Hartford Healthcare, said, “The process will be seamless and this is a way we will be able to reach out to thousands and thousands of people in Connecticut to be able to provide vaccination. We are trying to avoid the multiple phone calls and challenges communities have had in scheduling so far.”

Hartford Healthcare says that for the first few days under the new system it might be difficult to get an appointment but to be patient. And for those people who might be more comfortable booking through MyChart you can still do that.


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