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Press Release – Upfront Extends Market Leading Care Navigation Platform with the Launch of New Product Enhancements

Upfront Extends Market Leading Care Navigation and Engagement Platform with the Launch of Upfront Determinants and Multilingual Enhancements   


Chicago, IL – Upfront, the market leader in intelligent and personal care navigation for every patient, supports rapid growth with the launch of Upfront Determinants to facilitate the collection of actionable determinants of health and the release of multilingual enhancements.

The launch of Upfront Determinants allows Upfront to streamline the collection of self-reported patient data, like social determinants of health, in order to further personalize care navigation to drive efficiency and optimize outcomes for all patients.

Additionally, to better support the diverse populations served by Upfront clients, Upfront has released Multilingual Translation within the Platform.This essential feature currently supports over 91% of Americans’ language preference by delivering content in both Spanish and English.

“Upfront enables our partners to retain patients through personalized navigation, while greatly improving operational efficiency.” said Ben Albert, CEO and Co-Founder, Upfront. “Today, we are announcing the ability to digitally navigate patients in multiple languages starting with Spanish, and to collect self-reported patient data to enhance our personalization, analytics and improve navigation for every patient.

By collecting critical missing pieces of information to better understand the narrative of each patient, and by communicating more effectively with the growing Spanish-speaking population, Upfront is digitally guiding patients to appropriate services and sites of care without the need for additional administrative staff. These enhancements are driving improved outcomes; Upfront’s personalized navigation is now 60% more effective than traditional outreach methods at greater scale while saving $15 in administrative overhead per visit.

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