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Upfront on Display at MGMA Medical Practice Excellence Leaders Conference

Listen to Kozlowski and McGowan recap some of their key insights and learnings on the latest episode of the MGMA Insights Podcast hosted by Daniel Williams, Senior Editor at MGMA.

The Upfront Healthcare team was thrilled at the opportunity to share their vision for patient activation at the MGMA Medical Practice Excellence Leaders Conference in Boston October 9-12. In a speaking session with Maria McGowan, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Duly Health & Care, Upfront’s Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder, Carrie Kozlowski broke down their strategic approach to activating Duly’s patients to complete care.

In the session, Activating Patients for Necessary Care and Visit Adherence, the pair highlighted their work together to help Duly build trusting relationships with patients. The goal is lofty but crucial in the current healthcare landscape, with only around 8% of patients getting the preventative care they need. The strong partnership with Upfront Healthcare bolsters Duly’s ability to tackle this issue and significantly improve outcomes.

“We have an obligation and a desire as healthcare professionals to help our patients get the care they need,” said Kozlowski. She believes Upfront’s work leveraging patient insights in order to drive action is all about building trust between patients and their health system.

“I feel like we’re obligated to use the information that patients are willing to share with us to build a relationship that shows them – we know you, we understand you, and now we’re going to help you, as an individual, get the care you need. And that’s where using data for me really comes into this place of trust and relevance and respect.”

McGowan agrees.

“A lot of times, patients put off appointments with the doctor for as long as possible and so we see them in their most vulnerable moments and we have to understand that. They are giving us that trust – how can we give that trust back?”

Kozlowski believes we have an opportunity to challenge the status quo within healthcare to more thoughtfully curate the patient experience without burdening providers and staff. That is Upfront’s vision: guide all patients to the care they need in a way that is driven by scalable and frictionless technology. In partnership with top health system partners like Duly, Upfront is already realizing this vision.

“Satisfaction is ordinary. In healthcare, it is one of the metrics that we track. We don’t want satisfied patients, we want a distinctive experience for patients. We know patients want to build loyal relationships, but it is our job to help patients build trust so that they get the care they need and that comes from delivering the extraordinary.”

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