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Modern Healthcare Article – Chatbots, Texting Campaigns Help Manage Influx of COVID Vax Questions

To engage patients proactively, DuPage Medical Group has deployed a text- and email-based education campaign to get a better sense of how patients feel about the vaccine. The Downers Grove, Ill.-based medical group in late December sent its first set of text and email messages to patients as part of the campaign. It started sending the second round of messages in early January.

“Our goal with our first message that we sent out just before the Christmas holiday was to just address the concerns that we knew people were having after hearing about the vaccine in the media,” said Maria McGowan, DuPage Medical’s senior vice president of marketing. Future messages will have more detailed information, such as outlining Illinois’ planned vaccination phases.

DuPage Medical is sending these messages to all patients who have given the medical group permission to communicate with them via text message or email; it’s not only for patients who have reached out with a specific question. Messages are coordinated through Upfront Healthcare, a patient engagement tool DuPage Medical has used for the past year and a half, and customized based on patients’ ages, health conditions and occupations.

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