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Upfront Rolls Out Significant Advancements in its Patient Engagement and Access Platform

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New investment is accelerating Upfront innovations to meet the market need for a single enterprise technology solution for patient engagement and access. 

As Upfront announced that it added $10.5 million in funding, the company also unveiled its new advanced product features, focused specifically in three key areas: content and patient experience, interoperability and integration, as well as provider experience and outcomes measurement.

Upfront’s recent acquisition of PatientBond accelerated delivery of Upfront’s vision for these next generation offerings. Specifically, their proprietary psychographic segmentation model, which enables superior personalization, extending Upfront’s dominance amongst patient engagement solutions. These insights are being infused across Upfront’s patient engagement and access solutions to achieve results unrivaled by other EMR or CRM vendors who only offer standardized, “one size fits all” patient communications.

Content & Patient Experience

Microsite Enhancements Upfront is enhancing its flagship microsite offering, in which patients get their own, personalized, white labeled webpage to guide them to care, activating behaviors such as scheduling preventive care or enrolling in care management. Upfront has released a newly upgraded experience with next generation intuitive functionality and elevated visual navigation.

These microsites now leverage patients’ psychographic profiles – which pertain to attitudes, values and personalities core to their motivations and communication preferences – elevating personalization significantly by ensuring the experience is inclusive for all patients and driven by insights identified by Upfront’s Bartosch Patient Activation Institute. The Institute helps Upfront achieve Best-in-Class patient activation outcomes through data science, content and design, incorporating best practices from the fields of health communication and behavioral science.

Interoperability & Integration

Interoperability and system integration are also enhanced to cement Upfront as the premier, single enterprise technology solution for patient engagement and access solutions. Upfront’s native Epic AppMarket App that has allowed millions of patients to seamlessly self-schedule has been expanded to support two new real-time integrations:

SMS Patient Event Messaging API provides real-time notifications to keep patients informed while also meeting regulatory notification requirements. This flexible capability enables EMR data to initiate real-time messaging such as appointment confirmations, registration notifications and surgery status updates for next of kin. The real-time messages are backed by data and grounded in health communication science, ensuring the communication is personalized, accessible, and actionable.

eCheck-In facilitates visit adherence by allowing patients to check-in to their appointment remotely and complete pre-authorization forms to save them time and avoid redundant paperwork. This high patient satisfier capability also saves providers time and captures the minimum data set required for billing, improving revenue cycle collections. Like all communication from Upfront, the eCheck-In language empowers and activates patients to complete their pre-visit forms to facilitate a more streamlined and positive patient experience.

Provider Experience & Outcomes Measurement

Bidirectional text messaging within the Upfront platform drives operational efficiency by enabling providers to communicate with individual patients or specific groups, avoiding manual phone calls and administrative burden while ensuring an on-brand, elevated patient experience. This solution allows providers to find patients using various attributes (e.g., demographics, risk factors, etc.) for highly personalized messages or broadcast announcements, such as the need to reschedule appointments on a specific day due to unforeseen circumstances. To optimize staff time, a turnkey library of best practice-aligned, configurable keyword responses are available to address inbound patient messages, naturally navigating the patient through the conversations just like staff would.

Purpose-built analytics dashboards allow clients to have a birds-eye view of performance metrics. This visual reporting tool tracks important leading indicators and provides key, actionable insights for initiatives such as care gap recall and appointment reminders. Providers can identify opportunities for improvement and execute corrective actions using Upfront’s omnichannel patient engagement platform.

Innovation is Upfront’s lifeblood and we are aggressively pursuing solutions that improve patient acquisition, retention and experience through personalized engagement and navigation. It’s imperative to achieve our mission to help every patient get the care they need,” stated Carrie Kozlowski, COO of Upfront. “If a health system wants to differentiate itself from all the competitive noise among other providers offering the same, non-personalized approaches to patient engagement, Upfront is ready to help it succeed.
Carrie Kozlowski, COO of Upfront

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