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Upfront’s Psychographics Study Shows Pandemic’s Impact on Health Consumer Behaviors

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National market research study emphasizes importance of patient-provider relationships and validates using psychographics segmentation to promote patient reactivation.

CHICAGO (April, 24, 2023)A new study from Upfront has reignited focus on patient reactivation efforts after the report suggested that healthy lifestyle behaviors continue to be influenced by habits formed during the pandemic — but lingering gaps in care persist for high-risk and vulnerable patient populations.

Validation of the Study’s Model and Findings

The findings were revealed in Upfront’s ninth national analysis market research report, which surveyed more than 10,000 U.S. adults on health behaviors and attitudes following the slow fade of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the survey, researchers used Upfront’s proprietary psychographic segmentation model — which segments healthcare consumers into five unique groups — to analyze the national sample.

Among the study’s insights, Upfront found that one-third of health consumers visited their primary care physician more than before the pandemic, while roughly one-quarter of consumers visited their PCP less, with mixed variability among different psychographic segments. While patient volumes appear to be recovering from their lows at the height of the pandemic, the study shows more significant progress is needed to guide patients to the care they need.

Upfront’s survey bolsters the company’s call for focused patient reactivation efforts.

“This study reflects our concerns that Americans aren’t returning to healthcare fast enough, risking their long-term health,” said Casey Albertson, Upfront SVP, Psychographics. “It’s one of the reasons we remain laser-focused on leveraging our technology and psychographic model to help healthcare enterprises and payers coordinate patient communication initiatives. When patients feel understood and supported, they are more likely to put trust in their providers, and return for necessary care.”

The study did offer a few bright spots. When asked whether the pandemic shaped any positive health behaviors, nearly 86% of respondents reported some optimism, including:

  • 42% who believed “people practice better hygiene (e.g. wash hands, cover coughs, and sneezes);
  • 41% who said they “pay more attention to my personal health;”” and
  • 32% who reported they’ve actively “built stronger relationships with my family and friends;” improving mental health, overall.

At least four out of the five psychographic segments added that COVID-19 had “greatly prioritized life” over work when examining their work/life balances.
Psychographic profiles get to the root of healthcare consumers’ attitudes, values, and personalities, enabling experts to motivate key behavioral changes.

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Upfront’s proprietary psychographic model was developed by healthcare consumer experts from Procter & Gamble, the global leader in consumer products and marketing. The model has remained stable and predictive since its development nearly one decade ago.

The model is a core component of Upfront’s technology platform and center to its patient acquisition and retention solutions, which are leveraged by some of the largest health systems and payers in the nation.

This latest study further validated the quality and reliability of Upfront’s proprietary psychographic model, enabling the health tech company to leverage its data-driven insights into actionable patient activation strategies that deeply engage every patient, at scale.

“Upfront’s mission is to guide every patient to the care they need,” added Albertson.

“Each psychographic segment requires a unique engagement strategy to activate behaviors and maximize results, and our platform personalizes patient engagement accordingly. It is our goal to reverse slow patient volumes and help get Americans back to better health.”

Learn more about how we use psychographics to optimize health behaviors and motivate patients to care: https://upfronthealthcare.com/psychographics/.

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