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Upfront Healthcare Welcomes Kumar Bisht

April 2017

Upfront Healthcare is growing again! We are thrilled to welcome a familiar face to the team, Kumar Bisht. Kumar’s talents in problem-solving, healthcare data and integration are fortuitous adds to the team as we look forward to our upcoming client projects. A little more detail on Kumar….

Kumar Bisht joins Upfront Healthcare as Director of Technology. He is responsible for solution design and implementation of our next generation of data integration solutions that will serve the evolving needs of Upfront’s Visit Value Technology and Services. Kumar has a wide range of experience in data science with a unique combination of research and product development background.

Over the last 10 years, Kumar has spent his professional and academic life discovering and solving data challenges. His foray in data sciences started as Lead Researcher at Distributed Computing Research Group in India. He worked in developing systems for data pattern learning, published articles in IEEE and other was featured at international conferences on data processing optimizations. Kumar moved to the United States to pursue his passion for data sciences and enrolled for graduate studies focused on data mining and machine learning in healthcare. During this time, he worked on developing ontology-based decision systems for patient diagnosis.


After completing his Masters in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Kumar continued to work in the healthcare domain with roles spanning product development and integration engineering with healthcare companies in Chicagoland area. Prior to joining Upfront, Kumar was a Manager of Integration Engineering at the Advisory Board Company (ABC.) Kumar joined ABC through the acquisition of Care Team Connect (CTC) where he was data integration lead.


While solving healthcare complex data integration challenges is his passion, he is equally dedicated to his gym and healthy lifestyle of cooking and other outdoor activities like skiing and kayaking.

Kumar, we are, once again, thrilled to work with you and offer a warm welcome to the Upfront team! And, despite what anyone says, we are all awaiting the day when your thoughtful meal prep efforts expand to the office-wide kale and chicken salads!

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