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Upfront Healthcare Welcomes Barbara Bartosch, VP of Services

August 2016: Upfront Healthcare Services welcomes Barbara Bartosch to the team as VP of Services! We are thrilled at the prospect of working with Barb on yet another venture where we aim to dramatically change the delivery of care for the better of providers and patients. Here’s a few words from Barbara about why she joined Upfront Healthcare.

I’ve spent my entire career in the healthcare industry. So when you spend 30+ years in the same industry you tend to seek out interesting, meaningful and impactful ways to continue to make a difference. When I made the move from health system to vendor part of that was to gain a broader perspective of healthcare across the country. I had spent 15 years working at a single health system and while that was enjoyable it left me feeling like I wasn’t seeing the big picture. I was always wondering how do other health systems work. Having now spent the latter half of my career consulting, workflow analyzing, installing and sometimes de-installing systems for what now numbers over 50+ various health care organizations I’ve gained a great deal of information on “how the other systems do it.”

So how did this bring me to Upfront Healthcare Services? Along the way I met Ben Albert and Carrie Kozlowski and we’ve been together ever since. We’ve been working together for what is now the third company and with each venture I’ve gained more and more expertise in areas I never thought I would venture: population health for one and now into the world of patient and physician engagement. What we do at Upfront Healthcare Services I consider to be the “thing” every health system needs and is looking for even though they may not even know it…yet! The ability to measure and put a score to how well the patient and physician experience is so as to understand where we can help to improve the experience is a huge game changer and the reason I took the position of VP of Services. I now get to combine two things I love: continuing to impact the delivery of care and creating a services culture that partners with the client and maintains a vested interest in the success of not only achieving an implementation but monitoring it to make sure it is successful. I can honestly say that doesn’t happen very often these days – but we are doing it here at Upfront.

Barb, we know you like to play the ponies and have a keen sense of where to place a bet, so we’re wondering – at what point is it no longer a gamble to join a start-up but a sure thing?

Once again, welcome to the team Barb!

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