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David Floyd

Years in healthcare: 6

Areas of expertise:

  • Software Architecture and Development
  • Business and System Requirements

David Floyd

Senior Vice President, Engineering, (CISO)

What is your why?

Advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence, when paired with personalized, two-way engagement, means we can communicate with patients in a way they understand and drive action that leads to improved overall health.

David Floyd is a leader in Upfront’s long-term technology vision and is responsible for the behavior change platform innovation. In addition, David leads the advancement of the secure, multi-tenant cloud platform that enables Upfront to deliver millions of personalized, segmented patient communications daily. Prior to Upfront, David held a variety of technology leadership roles, ensuring software development and delivery at Fortune 500 and growth stage companies alike.

Most recently, David led a product development team to deliver an innovative cloud-based customization platform for one of Silicon Valley’s leading customer experience companies. In other roles, he has delivered successful technology solutions to companies spanning a wide range of industry verticals including healthcare, logistics, financial services, telecommunications and e-commerce.

Empower patients
every step of the way.

We’re a healthcare company leveraging technology, not the other way around. Upfront leans on its deep healthcare expertise and client relationships to maximize the impact of our technology, delivering a next-generation patient experience.