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Jan Berger

Years in healthcare: 35

Areas of expertise:

  • Clinical Care
  • Patient Trust

Jan Berger, MD, MJ


Jan is an independent director with significant board and board leadership experience, an author, keynote speaker, chief executive officer, and Fortune 100 corporate officer. Jan has proven success in public, private and government service over the last 30 years in both healthcare and consumer goods/services. In 2009 Jan founded Health Intelligence Partners as a global consultancy. The organization has a global focus, working with clients on areas of growth at the intersection of strategy and operations.

In addition to her consulting, Jan offers her experiences and insights through her participation on healthcare, veterinary and consumer product boards. She presently sits on healthcare focused boards including GNS Healthcare, Tabula Rasa, and UCB Pharmaceuticals. She also sits on numerous business and healthcare advisory boards.

Prior to founding Health Intelligence Partners, Jan served as Executive Vice President, Chief Clinical and Innovation Officer for CVS Health. Jan’s expertise in both healthcare and retail consumer behavior led to several new service lines and increased revenue for her division. Prior to CVS Caremark, Jan had 15 years’ experience in healthcare administration leading operations for two population health companies. In 2016, Jan was recognized by Crain’s Chicago Business as a Notable LGBTQ Business Executive.

Jan holds a Doctor of Medicine degree, a Master in Jurisprudence from Loyola University in Chicago, a Certificate in Healthcare Business Administration from University of South Florida, a Board Director Certification from Kellogg School of Management, and a black belt in Six Sigma.

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