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Patient Outcomes

Medical Staff During Morning Briefing In Boardroom

On Demand Webinar – HDM Klasroom Readmission

How can healthcare organizations successfully execute a unified patient engagement strategy amid the fragmented technologies, stakeholders, and strategies across the care continuum? The solution must include rethinking system-wide governance to execute a unified patient engagement strategy.

Osf Case Study
Case Studies

See how Upfront erased gaps in breast cancer screenings at OSF HealthCare

OSF HealthCare partnered with Blue Cross Blue Shield to identify a group of 1,200 patients due for a mammogram and located within hardship zip codes considered to have less access to care. The organization then partnered with Upfront to break through access barriers. Learn how Upfront deployed personalized digital communications to reverse the disparity and double the rates of mammogram screenings at the Midwest-based health system. ​

July Quality Measures

3 Ways to Improve HCAHPS Scores through Patient Engagement

If there is anything to be said about the last few years, patients are eager for better healthcare experiences, whether it’s patient engagement or care quality. It’s why healthcare consumerism has been a large area for growth in the industry over the last decade. But long before this, there was a time where hospitals weren’t […]

0722 Allina Health

Allina’s Journey: Improving Outcomes for Total Joint Replacement

According to the American Hospital Association, “bundled payments can align incentives for providers – hospitals, post-acute care providers, physicians, and other practitioners – and encourage them to work together to improve the quality and coordination of care.” For procedures like hip and knee replacements, a single payment/reimbursement covers an entire episode of care. This carries […]

June.october Care Transition

Closing Cancer Care Gaps Through Psychographic Segmentation

Since 2000, February 4 has been internationally recognized as World Cancer Day by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and from 2022 to 2024, the theme focuses on closing gaps in care. Unfortunately, cancer is becoming more prevalent all over the world with 20 million people diagnosed in 2021 and it’s the second leading […]

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Success Stories in Equitable Access to Preventative Care – Care Coordination for High-Risk Diabetes Patients

According to the American Diabetes Association, more than 122 million Americans live with diabetes or pre-diabetes, with 4,000 new Americans diagnosed every day. The disease disproportionately impacts people of color and low-income families, lacking access to proper care, healthy food and grocery stores. Living with diabetes is a nuanced balancing act even at the best […]