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Acquire – Treat – Retain – Navigate: Technology & Research Advances for Urgent Care that Your EMR Cannot Deliver

On-demand webinar presented by:

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Urgent Care has multiple needs that are not being met by your EMR.  Demand capture is not an area of focus for your EMR or PM system; it only knows what has already occurred.  Another challenge for most EMRs is post-visit care and communication, essential for driving repeat patient visits.  Follow-up phone calls are resource intensive, and your EMR’s follow-up communication strategy consists of pushing patients to a portal they don’t use.

Timely and targeted post-visit interactions using omni-channel digital automation will help you retain patients., whether it’s a referral to a specialist, a clinical status check, or even paying a bill. This webinar will discuss innovative ways to use the power of digital in conjunction with your EMR to cover all your needs.

Learning Objectives

  • Dominate your service radius and maximize your marketing spend
  • Achieve superior post-visit care and communication through automation
  • Retain patients with a consistent process that utilizes healthcare consumer science and targeted messaging
  • Unlock your siloed EMR data and push beyond “Treat ‘em & street ‘em” fo rthe best patient experience in the industry


  • Mike Gianfrancesco, VP of Urgent Care, Upfront Healthcare
  • Mark Evans, Senior Account Executive, Upfront Healthcare

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