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Press Release: Upfront Healthcare Expands Commitment to Data-Driven Patient Activation, Launches Bartosch Institute for Patient Activation Research

Patient-focused institute will concentrate on improving patient outcomes through new solution discovery, research, and insights in conjunction with the company’s client work

CHICAGO (September 9, 2021)—Upfront Healthcare today unveiled the Bartosch Institute for Patient Activation Research (Bartosch Institute), commemorating the life’s work of the late Barbara Bartosch with a significant investment in research and development centered on patient activation and transforming the patient experience. Bartosch, who passed away last year after a brave battle with ovarian cancer, was the company’s first Vice President of Client Services and a relentless champion for improving care quality and delivery for patients. The Bartosch Institute will utilize a research-oriented, data-driven approach to activating patients, enhancing Upfront’s existing products and services, and driving improved clinical, financial, and operational outcomes for Upfront’s partners. To continue Upfront’s commitment to thought leadership, the Bartosch Institute will share findings with the broader public to spur healthcare innovation in the patient engagement space.

Headquartered within Upfront’s Chicago office, the Bartosch Institute will incorporate best practices from the fields of research, data science, health communication, product, and design. Leveraging client data and insights, the Bartosch Institute will provide consultation and subject matter expertise to Upfront’s client partners – releasing evidence-based packages for Upfront’s key use cases, guiding new solution discovery, and sharing research and insights captured through the Upfront platform.

“Working with Upfront, Hartford HealthCare has been able to unlock new capabilities and rapidly scale to meet patients’ needs in a seamless, personalized manner,” said Debra Hayes, VP and Chief Operating Officer of Hartford HealthCare’s clinical integration organization, Integrated Care Partners. “Redesigning our Medicare Advantage experience in collaboration with the Bartosch Institute― from enrollment to booking necessary care to easing post-visit referral scheduling ― will help us best engage and activate our members to get the care they need while informing where we should invest in new or enhanced services to benefit the greatest number of patients.”

Lindsay Zimmerman, PhD, MPH, will serve as the Bartosch Institute’s Managing Principal. Zimmerman is an expert with over a decade of experience integrating academic research, innovative technologies, and patient-focused care models. Her work combines research, data science, and health strategy to build tools and programs that advance public health and health equity.

In the near term, the Bartosch Institute is focused on rolling out Upfront’s data science strategy and insights packages, client research collaborations and design sprints, and product feature enhancements, in addition to written thought pieces and speaking engagements. Every Bartosch Institute deliverable will be a fully packaged, data-driven work product supported by research and experimentation.

“Upfront’s investment in the Bartosch Institute celebrates the everyday inspiration Barb continues to provide by furthering her commitment to partnering with clients to solve their most pressing patient engagement and activation challenges,” said Carrie Kozlowski, Upfront’s COO and co-founder. “The Bartosch Institute’s thoughtfully proactive posture solidifies Upfront’s commitment to ongoing innovation while honoring our late colleague and friend by echoing her rallying cry that, as it relates to patient outcomes, ‘We should be able to do better.’”

About the Bartosch Institute for Patient Activation Research

The Bartosch Institute for Patient Activation Research, dedicated to furthering the life’s work of the late Barbara Bartosch, is a cross-functional institute geared towards improving patient outcomes through new solution discovery, research, and insights. Its team of experts leverage a research-oriented, data-driven approach to uncovering and advancing the most effective, innovative care navigation and patient activation strategies. The Bartosch Institute’s client research collaborations and evidence-based use cases drive improved clinical, financial, and operational outcomes for Upfront’s partners while supporting their efforts to transform the patient experience.

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