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Upfront Healthcare Welcomes Shannon Sims

Upfront is excited to share that Shannon Sims has joined the team as our Chief Analytics Officer! Shannon’s real world clinical and analytics experience in academic medical centers provides the client perspective that will help us ensure our Visit Value™ Analytics leverage the right data and surface meaningful insights to help create actionable change in visit value for providers and patients alike. We look forward to iterating our product with Shannon’s input and can’t wait for our prospects and clients to take advantage of Shannon’s incredible knowledge and experience through our implementations and speaking engagements.

My passion is using technology to make healthcare care better, safer, and more sustainable. Before joining Upfront Healthcare Services, my career was spent working in large academic medical centers. Large healthcare systems are often a microcosm of the larger US healthcare system with all its strengths and weaknesses. Like the larger healthcare world, these individual systems are still figuring out how to manage both the complexity of modern healthcare and the pace of change. If we’re going to address those clinical, regulatory, and operational challenges, we’re going to have to be creative and fast-moving.


So, in a nutshell, I caught the innovation bug. I think innovative use of technology and data will be the path forward for many of the challenges in healthcare. Increasingly, at the large provider systems, we looked to consultants, technology vendors, and incubators to solve our problems.


That’s why I joined Upfront – I wanted to be part of the innovation. Upfront has all the pieces to be successful – a talented team, experienced leadership, and innovative approaches to tough problems. I am delighted to join and help build something great.

Shannon, we are delighted to have your “devil’s in the details” attitude as it helps us hone the quality and value of our offering… and the occasional re-leveling of the office desks!

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