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A single platform for patient engagement and access

The Upfront platform humanizes the patient experience at every point of care, from the moment they walk into the digital front door to long after they’ve received care. Build trust, address care needs, and inspire your patients to pursue better health. Explore our range of patient engagement solutions.

Control patient referral leakage

Health organizations lose nearly $1M of revenue per provider annually due to lost referrals — while logging thousands of unaddressed open referrals each month. With limited resources, bogging down staff with phone calls can lead to outsized operational costs with little ROI. The result? Staff burnout, lost patients, or worse, delays in care that compromise health outcomes.

Keep patients in the loop with Upfront. We’ll help you uncover which referrals can be digitally coordinated in real-time, reducing outbound and inbound phone calls, and controlling referral leakage to maintain a robust patient population. Keep referrals, optimize your staff, and impress your patients as you successfully guide them through the referral process.

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Referral Leakage

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Boost clinical quality measures

Throughout the pandemic, patients delayed preventative care screenings and experienced heightened barriers to care that prevented them from completing chronic care visits. With many pandemic-era protections expiring, Medicare Advantage plans have shown steep declines in STAR ratings. Is your healthcare organization missing the mark?

Upfront engages and activates patients through proactive, personalized communication. When patients feel supported and heard, they are motivated to schedule care and drive positive health outcomes. With zero extra effort, your providers will see more patients complete preventative screens, schedule referrals, and enroll in care management — boosting your quality scores back to where they belong.

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Low Quality Scores

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Attract and acquire new patients

As major retailers continue to build inroads into healthcare, the race to capture consumers’ attention is heating up. Grow your competitive advantage by leveling up your approach to engaging and acquiring new patients.

The Upfront platform provides a smart and scalable solution to convert new patients to additional providers and services, and foster ongoing growth and long-term retention of your patients. We’re the only patient engagement platform that fuses healthcare behavioral science with consumer psychographics to help health systems stand out from traditional providers and new entrants.

With Upfront, deliver hyper-personalized and targeted outreach that wins new patients and long-term loyalty for all your services.

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Attract Patients

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Reduce preventable readmissions

Despite renewed focus on preventable readmissions and ED overutilization, billions of dollars are spent providing care in these areas, often due to a lack of coordination. In addition to increased adverse risks to the patient, these constraints often lead health systems to experience staffing shortages and higher Medicaid spending, adding to the pain.

Upfront proactively guides patients through each step of their care, prompting them to complete the next best action to avoid admissions and ED visits. By cueing patients to schedule and attend their primary care visits, complete their telehealth medication reconciliation or enroll in care management, Upfront ensures patients stay on track — and out of the hospital.

Key features:

Reduce Readmissions

Key benefits

Cut operational costs

In 2022, roughly 50% of health systems ended the year with negative margins, a trend also felt among medical groups, urgent care and other care providers. With staff costs rising exponentially, healthcare organizations are being forced to do more with less.

Healthcare enterprises can’t afford to compromise revenue. Upfront guides patients to necessary care and keeps them enrolled in services that help our partners achieve value-based metrics. With our innovative approach to patient engagement, you won’t waste precious access on no-shows or late cancellations. By delivering hyper-personalized digital outreach to reduce the burden on staff and authentically connect with patients — our clients achieve operational savings and drive revenue growth an average of 4-6x ROI.

Key features:

Surging Costs

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Simplify payment collections

More than 87% of consumers have been surprised by a medical bill, and roughly 41% of adults face mounting medical debts. With the rate of bad debt for medical services increasing each year, healthcare providers are feeling squeezed as they spend more money, staff resources, and time collecting medical payments.

Upfront can save healthcare enterprises precious time and money. Our digital payment reminders motivate patients to pay bills quickly and provide digital statements to save on printing, people, and postage costs. And with 87% of consumers preferring the convenience of online payments for healthcare bills, automating the entire payment process will help capture revenue, save operational costs, and maximize cash flow.

Key features:

Payment Collection (1)

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Reduce patient no-shows

More than half of medical groups reported an increase in no show rates in 2022. Combined with staffing shortages, getting access to care has become even more precarious, with some patients waiting up to six months to establish care with a primary care provider or experiencing wait times lagging between 1-3 months for preventative care visits.

Shrinking margins mean there is no room for wasted visit slots or lost patients. Upfront reduces high no-show rates by enabling patients to easily reschedule visits, allowing our clients to deliver timely and effective care to every single patient.

Key features:

Reduce No Shows (1)

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Collect real-time patient insights — and drive action

Healthcare is becoming more consumer-centric, making it critical for healthcare enterprises to ditch a “one-size-fits-all” approach and deeply understand patients’ needs, behaviors, motivations, and preferences. Without quality patient insights, strategic decisions are being made in the dark, leading to underperformance or failures.

Upfront combines consumer psychographics and behavioral sciences to attract new patients, increase patient retention, and activate and sustain positive health behaviors across the continuum of care. We develop patient engagement workflows that capture patient reported outcomes, survey responses, and engagement behavior to deliver industry-leading patient insights that continuously enhance personalized messaging to guide patients to care.

Key features:

Patient Insights

Key benefits

We came to Upfront because it was critical for us to communicate with patients to provide guidance in a very personalized way. That's an easy thing to say but extraordinarily complex to deliver. We couldn't be more proud of the partnership.

Dr. Barry Stein
Vice President & Chief Clinical Innovation Officer
Hartford HealthCare

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