Increase Patient Volume

Improve Prescription Medication Adherence

A frictionless way to ensure patients refill and stay on course with necessary medications.

Upfront necessary visit

Improve Patient Outcomes While Ensuring Stars Metrics are Achieved

  • Automate personalized, consistent communication to help patients with complex medication regimens critical to managing chronic conditions
  • Generate refill reminders and encourage patients to use mail order
  • Capture and overcome patient-reported barriers to adherence such as costs, side effects, and transportation issues.
  • Eliminate ineffective, high-cost telephone outreach by clinical or front desk staff

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Upfront Healthcare Partners with Leading Health Systems and Physician Groups to Tackle the Growing Problem of Visit Adherence

Nationwide averages suggest patients fail to show up or “late cancel” nearly 20 percent of all appointments and, of those, 50 percent are not re-booked. The impact on general wellness when patients miss necessary screenings and treatments is well documented and the approximately $150 billion financial impact to providers in lost visit volume is staggering.

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