Increase Patient Volume

Improving Patient Transitions of Care

Stay connected to your patients even as their care setting changes by sharing valuable communications and ensuring care plans are followed.

Upfront necessary visit

Drive care plan adherence to prevent unnecessary readmissions

  • Verify key outreach milestones are met
  • Ensure information exchange remains seamless as patients change care setting
  • Document outreach for purposes of TCM Coding
  • Maintain a communication pathway with patients to ensure post-discharge care plans are followed

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Upfront Health Care

A patient navigation platform that’s easy-to-use and scalable across your enterprise

Nationwide averages suggest patients fail to show up or “late cancel” nearly 20 percent of all appointments and, of those, 50 percent are not re-booked. The impact on general wellness when patients miss necessary screenings and treatments is well documented and the approximately $150 billion financial impact to providers in lost visit volume is staggering.

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