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Patient Appointment Scheduling & Confirmation

50% of canceled appointments never get rescheduled. With the right technology in place, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Upfront necessary visit

Turn cancellations into rescheduled appointments by creating a frictionless scheduling experience.

  • Automate appointment reminders and confirmations leveraging a patient’s preferred communication method to improve visit adherence and patient experience
  • Provide personalized pre-visit instructions, surveys, and intake forms to ensure every visit is valuable for both patient and provider
  • Personalized outreach enables patients to confirm or reschedule their appointments directly from a personalized microsite to avoid no-shows and late cancellations
  • Get patients the care they need and reduce reschedule calls to the call center by 25%

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Upfront Health Care

Reassure, Direct and Activate Patients with Upfront Appointment Booking, Now Available in Epic App Orchard Marketplace

Upfront, the market-leading platform for personalized care navigation and engagement, is pleased to announce that Upfront Appointment Booking is now available in the Epic App Orchard Marketplace.

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