Increase Patient Volume

Patient Navigation & Referral Management

Educating your patients to take proper next steps furthers their goal of staying healthy while ensuring continuity of care.

Upfront necessary visit

Close the Loop, Keep Your Referrals

  • Guide patients to necessary screenings within your network
  • Remove barriers to scheduling tests, labs etc.
  • Share personalized education materials and content to highlight importance and drive fulfillment
  • Return results in a secure and timely manner with relevant next steps and follow-up

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Upfront Health Care

Upfront Healthcare’s “Care Traffic Control” Approach to Getting Patients to their next Medical Destination

By applying analytics to scheduling, billing, and operational data to develop each patients’ profile, the company can direct patients through an app-less experience to their next right service, which can be booked right then. Listen to host Steve Krupa chat with Ben on how he progressed from deciding if he should start the business to now running a company servicing over 1 million patients in less than five years.

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