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We are intentionally not an app or a portal. We’ve removed barriers to engagement with digital messaging like passwords or user names. That’s a big reason why our engagement rates are four times the industry standard.

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Differentiate yourself from competitors and build loyalty by transforming the patient experience

  • Launch automated, personalized and unified communications to engage with patients and manage the digital patient relationship
  • Guide patient action/conversion through timely, educational content delivered using a personalized microsite
  • View the trail of communications with a patient and ensure relevant information is integrated to the EMR
  • Leverage machine learning to identify a patient’s optimal message timing, communication modality, content structure, and call to action in order to increase conversion
  • “It’s really important to create an engagement ecosystem. Upfront removes obstacles to getting patients the right information at the right time,” said Eileen Varnson, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Riverside.

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Hartford HealthCare Selects Upfront as its Partner in Transforming the Patient Experience

Hartford HealthCare (HHC) will leverage Upfront Healthcare’s patient engagement and communication platform to further their goal of transforming the digital patient experience enterprise-wide, building on the success with Upfront for COVID-19 vaccine coordination.

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