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Carrie Kozlowski

Years in healthcare: 25

Areas of expertise:

  • Strategic Execution
  • Organizational Alignment

Carrie Kozlowski

COO & Co-Founder

What is your why?

I’ve always been passionate about helping people. That’s why I am fueled by partnerships that demonstrate a shared vision for easing access to care for all people and finding ways to motivate patients to lead longer, healthier lives. I truly believe we can change healthcare for the better.

Carrie Kozlowski, OT, MBA, is the COO and co-founder at Upfront. Over 25 years, she has combined real-world clinical experience with entrepreneurial drive to lead strategy, operations, and talent development at organizations focused on population health.

Carrie’s clinical background includes providing direct care, training, and management services as a practicing occupational therapist. Her previous positions include SVP of Operations at Care Team Connect, where she helped lead the company through an acquisition by The Advisory Board and stayed on as a general manager for Crimson Care Management. She also has an extensive background in sales and marketing stemming from her tenure at PatientKeeper.

Carrie holds an MBA in Management and Entrepreneurship from the University of Illinois Chicago, and a bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy from the University of Hartford. She resides in Chicago with her husband and three daughters. When she’s not working, she can be found coaching basketball; driving to dance, gymnastics or debate; or on a better day, hiking or kayaking with her family. In 2018, Crain’s Chicago named her a “Notable Woman in Healthcare.”

Resources from Carrie Kozlowski

Urgent Care User Group

Upfront hosts two-day user conference for Urgent Care industry leaders

Upfront recently hosted a two-day user conference with Urgent Care leaders in Chicago. Leaders discussed challenges facing the industry, exchanged lessons from the field, and shared the strategies they’re applying to build a strong future. Read on as Upfront co-founder and COO, Carrie Kozlowski, shares her personal highlights from the event. https://vimeo.com/859826518 Last week, we […]

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Now that breast cancer screenings have been dialed back to age 40, healthcare enterprises must plan ahead to tackle emerging care gaps

As if patients’ slow return to care following the pandemic wasn’t a challenging premise enough, healthcare enterprises now face an emerging care gap — in breast health. Last week, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force issued new draft guidelines about preventative care, effectively dropping the age of recommended breast cancer screening to a decade earlier, from the age of 50 to just 40 years.


As Covid relief measures sunset, a potential Medicaid crisis looms. Here’s how healthcare systems can leverage digital engagement to create persistent enrollment

In recent weeks it has been reported that the COVID-19 relief laws Congress enacted in 2020, which prohibit states from removing people from Medicaid, will end next month, meaning that local governments can resume eliminating people who no longer qualify for the program or do not furnish the required personal information, including address, income, and household size.


Carrie Kozlowski Uses the Science of Health Communication to Activate Patients

In this episode, Joy sits down with Carrie Kozlowski, Co-Founder, and COO of UpFront Healthcare. Her organization helps to activate patients by providing them with proactive and personalized information that reaches them where they are.

Leadership Insights Mgma

Leadership Insights: Listening to understand and seek clarity

Kozlowski began her healthcare journey as an occupational therapist and later served on MGMA’s board of directors. In this interview, she discusses her career, leading with empathy, and the importance of grace when managing teams.

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Healthcare is (still) broken. Now what?

Like so many of us do this time of year, I resolved to begin to take better care of myself, to catch up on the care I missed while too busy looking after my family, clients, and a company full of employees. As a healthcare professional dedicated to simplifying healthcare for patients and ensuring everyone […]


Upfront on Display at MGMA Medical Practice Excellence Leaders Conference

Listen to Kozlowski and McGowan recap some of their key insights and learnings on the latest episode of the MGMA Insights Podcast hosted by Daniel Williams, Senior Editor at MGMA. The Upfront Healthcare team was thrilled at the opportunity to share their vision for patient activation at the MGMA Medical Practice Excellence Leaders Conference in […]


HIStalk Interview: Carrie Kozlowski, COO, Upfront Healthcare

HIStalk Interview Carrie Kozlowski, COO, Upfront Healthcare Tell me about yourself and the company. I started as a clinician, practicing as an occupational therapist in the first one-third of my career. I worked in a number of care settings and saw the opportunity to impact patient care at a bigger level. I toyed between going […]

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To build patient loyalty, health systems turn to personalized outreach

This episode features Eileen Varnson, Public Information Officer at Riverside Health System, Carrie Kozlowski, COO and Co-founder of Upfront, and Paul Prikazsky, VP of Client Strategy at Upfront, and focuses on building patient loyalty and personalize outreach.

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4 Ways Healthcare Provider Organizations Can Assist Patients on Their Vaccine Journeys

With growing services, sites of care and the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare leaders are increasingly challenged to make sense of these offerings for individual patients in a relevant way that drives engagement. Health systems need new, convenient and digital ways to get patients the care they need. This blog post outlines the just a part of […]

Patient Pandemic 1

Gist Healthcare Daily

Upfront COO and Co-Founder Carrie Kozlowski discusses the importance of delivering trusted guidance to every patient during the COVID-19 crises. Learn how Upfront partners with health systems to provide patients with verified information, triage support, community service updates and test notification and education as fast as possible.

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