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Patient Retention

May Patient Retention

5 Effective Hospital Patient Loyalty Programs to Know

Loyalty programs are common in most of the business world, but they are relatively new within the field of healthcare. However, as the need to boost patient loyalty increases, more hospitals are exploring the idea of implementing hospital patient loyalty programs in their institutions. Benefits of Patient Loyalty Programs Patient loyalty programs offer several benefits […]

February.november Personalization

The Pros and Cons of Consumer Segmentation

Segmentation has long been a reliable consumer research technique for marketers of all stripes, but with the advent of big data (along with dramatic advances in computing technology), businesses have been able to boost their segmentation capabilities by orders of magnitude. By leveraging the power of advanced data analytics, marketers can create highly detailed consumer […]

Allina Case Study
Case Studies

Learn how Upfront cut emergency visits in half and reduced hospital readmission rates at Allina Health

Allina Health needed a proactive, digital solution that could engage total joint replacement candidates and guide them along the care journey. Discover how Upfront steered its technology and expertise to help the Midwest-based system reduce hospital readmissions and bolster post-surgical success.

May Patient Retention

5 Ways Healthcare Organizations Can Boost Patient Loyalty

Patient loyalty is one of the most important factors driving the success of your healthcare organization. Unfortunately, maintaining high levels of patient loyalty in healthcare is no easy feat. Because of increasing healthcare costs, health insurance issues, quality of care and other factors, few patients are loyal to any single healthcare system or organization. Measuring […]


Press Release: Panda launches Unified Patient Messaging category with Relatient, Upfront, and WELL Health

ATLANTA, GA. (September 7, 2021) – Panda Health Inc., the digital health marketplace company, today announced the launch of a new solution category, Unified Patient Messaging, featuring industry leaders Relatient, Upfront, and WELL Health as the first three awarded suppliers on the marketplace. Digital tools allow novel forms of communication between doctors and their patients. […]


AHA Center for Health Innovation Market Scan – Data-driven Initiative Drives Down Disparities in Rural Health Care

IN THE NEWS: AHA Center for Health Innovation Market Scan Data-driven Initiative Drives Down Disparities in Rural Health Care Identifying the underlying factors that contribute to disparities in outcomes in vulnerable rural populations and developing strategies to address these issues remain constant challenges, but progress is being made. OSF Healthcare’s health equity action lab is […]