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HIStalk Interview: Ben Albert, Co-Founder & CEO, Upfront

Albert discusses patient engagement, personalization and healthcare consumerism in the November 14, 2022, issue of HIStalk.

Ben Albert, CEO and Co-Founder of Upfront was interviewed in the November 14, 2022 issue of HIStalk, in which he talks about the company’s mission and how Upfront is uniquely positioned to help health systems personalize patient engagement and access.

Albert discusses consumerism in healthcare and how it leads patients to higher expectations around personalization, choice, access and efficiencies. The more a provider can understand exactly what service the patient needs and enables the patient to proactively get that service, the more efficient the healthcare system will be at the macro level.

However, there are many challenges to achieving consumerism in healthcare. For example, patients may not be aware of options for care within a health system and how to best use the system to meet their needs. Consolidation of health systems can mean multiple EMRs and having to reconcile all of the data and services across the system. Also, fragmented communication coming through different channels can confuse patients.

A solution starts with communication – that is, communicating what pieces of the system meet the needs of the patient, by personalizing services and access to those services so that the patient will know exactly where they’re supposed to go and when they’re supposed to go there.

“For Upfront, it’s continuing to enable patients through personalization, through psychographics, through behavioral data, through the right type of communication — omnichannel communication that is integrated across the system so that access and appointment booking is frictionless and easy to get to,” stated Albert.

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