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Patient Acquisition


Four Observations on the State of Patient Engagement

Now that the dust has settled a bit after the HLTH 2022 conference, I’ve had the chance to think about the state of patient engagement and the role Upfront can play leading significant improvements. I had many great discussions at HLTH with representatives from health systems, vendors and members of the investment community and enjoyed […]

Technology Research

Acquire – Treat – Retain – Navigate: Technology & Research Advances for Urgent Care that Your EMR Cannot Deliver

Urgent Care has multiple needs that are not being met by your EMR. Demand capture is not an area of focus for your EMR or PM system; it only knows what has already occurred. Timely and targeted post-visit interactions using omni-channel digital automation will help you retain patients., whether it’s a referral to a specialist, a clinical status check, or even paying a bill. This webinar will discuss innovative ways to use the power of digital in conjunction with your EMR to cover all your needs.

Personalize Marketing

Personalize Marketing and Patient Engagement Like World-Leading Retailers

Personalization is everywhere from the phone in your hand to your movies on Netflix, and healthcare consumers receive messages from a variety of industries based on their preferences, wants, needs and behaviors. Our experts will show how to understand potential patients as consumers, new market research on what drives hospital and health system choices and how to personalize marketing just like world-leading retailers.