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Patient Activation

Prisma Case Study
Case Studies

How Upfront engaged half a million patients for necessary care at Prisma Health by applying behavior science   

As one of the 50 largest health systems in the U.S., Prisma Health was significantly impacted by the pandemic fallout: staff burnout, delayed preventative screenings, and low medication adherence were all increasing the strain. Prisma enlisted Upfront to engage and activate patients, using behavior science to return patients to necessary care.

February.november Personalization

Psychographics Versus Demographics in Healthcare

The healthcare ecosystem uses demographics and behavioral data (e.g., hospital utilization, claims data) to define and identify patients and populations. Hospitals, health insurance companies, urgent care centers and providers of all types group patients and other healthcare consumers into subpopulations through a process of consumer segmentation for purposes of marketing, risk stratification and patient engagement. […]

Psychographics Whitepaper

Psychographics: A Key to Delivering Consumer-Centricity and Superior Results in Healthcare

Psychographics have been used for decades by consumer products manufacturers and retailers, which has conditioned consumers to have higher expectations regarding products and services. Healthcare leaders must learn to take a page or two from the “consumer playbook” and develop strategies that are informed by deep consumer insights.

Accuray Ahtxflsf5xi Unsplash

Psychographic Segmentation and its Practical Application in Personalized Patient Engagement and Activation

This whitepaper describes Upfront’s proven psychographic segmentation model and discusses how Upfront operationalizes this approach through omnichannel, digital engagement.

September.december Patient Engagement

How Psychographic Segmentation Can Help Transform Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the most talked-about (and controversial) topics of our day. And while opinions may vary greatly in terms of what needs to be improved, the general consensus is that the healthcare industry is due for a much-needed overhaul. One of the more difficult challenges to tackle has been “cracking the code” of […]

September.december Patient Engagement

How to be a Digital-First Health System

The pandemic has changed many ways hospitals and health systems operate, but the most notable change is how the patient experience is quickly becoming digital. For some providers, it’s intimidating, but the ones who fully embrace the change and seek the advances that have developed over the years will prosper and ignite patient activation. That […]