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HealthLeaders – Texting Drives 600,000 Patients to Engage in COVID-19 Vaccination Scheduling at Hartford HealthCare

The initiative helps Connecticut to be a leader in the percentage of population that has been vaccinated. ANALYSIS  |  BY SCOTT MACE  |   OCTOBER 06, 2021 Continuing a recent trend of avoiding the requirement to download mobile apps, and instead simplifying patient engagement via text and simple web pages, Hartford HealthCare helped lead the charge that allowed […]

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The Next Mile: A Blueprint for Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy

A few weeks ago, the White House announced that the country would not meet the goal of 70% of adults aged 18+ receiving at least one dose of a Covid vaccination, falling just short at around 67.8%. Nationwide, nearly 60% of adults 18+ are fully vaccinated. As of this writing, 20 states and the District […]

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4 Ways Healthcare Provider Organizations Can Assist Patients on Their Vaccine Journeys

With growing services, sites of care and the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare leaders are increasingly challenged to make sense of these offerings for individual patients in a relevant way that drives engagement. Health systems need new, convenient and digital ways to get patients the care they need. This blog post outlines the just a part of […]


Patient Engagement HIT Article – How Patient Outreach Technology Supports Vaccination Coordination

Patient outreach technology is helping one provider manage their vaccine efforts and navigate patient care. Getting the COVID-19 vaccine rolled out safely and efficiently is proving a logistical nightmare for the healthcare industry, pushing the need for coordinated patient outreach to the forefront. Nearly everyone is going to benefit from the shots, meaning providers and […]

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4 Benefits of Proactive Communication that Builds Trust and Books Visits

The times, they are a-changin.  As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold, health systems are facing major challenges engaging patients while struggling to recoup lost revenue. On the flipside, patients who have been delaying acute care needs and preventive visits, continue to wonder if it’s safe to receive in-person care or if virtual visits are […]