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Jason Eisenmenger

Years in healthcare: 5

Areas of expertise:

  • Information Security
  • Software Engineering

Jason Eisenmenger

Vice President, Technology & CISO

What is your why?

I believe that improving access to healthcare data and insights improves patient access and outcomes. I am passionate about the intersection of privacy, security, and technology and how we can interweave them to remove barriers to enable patients and providers.

Jason Eisenmenger is a technical leader with over 20 years of software engineering and entrepreneurship experience in a broad range of industries. As CISO at Upfront, Jason ensures that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of protected health information is incorporated into the DNA of the business. In his role as VP of Engineering, Jason is focused on building rewarding careers for engineers and secure, scalable solutions for clients and their patients.

Jason got his start programming early – beginning in elementary school, then finding himself building an internet hosting business between high school classes. He discovered his passion for healthcare at ZirMed (now Waystar) working on predictive modeling to help providers recover millions in missed revenue on their healthcare claims. Then as Staff Architect at Appriss Health (now Bamboo Health), Jason delivered FHIR integration R&D to the largest PDMP system in the US. Jason also founded sport.io, an international sports event and data platform.

Jason holds a Bachelors in Computer Engineering & Computer Science and a Master of Engineering in Engineering Management, both from the University of Louisville. Graduate certificates also include Data Mining and Information Security. He has two young children and enjoys frequent travel to his wife’s home country of Japan.

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We’re a healthcare company leveraging technology, not the other way around. Upfront leans on its deep healthcare expertise and client relationships to maximize the impact of our technology, delivering a next-generation patient experience.