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Mike Schiller

Years in healthcare: 30

Areas of expertise:

  • Building rapport
  • Win-win negotiation

Mike Schiller

Senior Vice President, Sales

What is your why?

Every one of us ends up a utilizer of the healthcare system at some point. Understanding our solution from the perspective of a patient and not just a provider makes a big difference.

Mike is a high-performing sales executive who has spent the entirety of his career exclusively in the healthcare information technology market. His deep relationships within the provider space coupled with a disciplined approach to solution selling and consensus building has helped grow several organizations that provided solutions and services in the ever evolving healthcare space — including PatientBond, MedEvolve, Streamline Health, Allscripts, Beacon Partners, GE Healthcare, IDX Systems Corporation and Caremark International

Empower patients
every step of the way.

We’re a healthcare company leveraging technology, not the other way around. Upfront leans on its deep healthcare expertise and client relationships to maximize the impact of our technology, delivering a next-generation patient experience.