Build Trust & Improve COVID-19 Vaccination Rates

Upfront has been working with health systems and medical groups throughout the COVID-19 outbreak to deliver proactive and continuous communication to help millions of patients book safe in-person and virtual visits while providing trusted education to every patient as fast as possible.

Now, we are helping our clients improve COVID-19 uptake and distribution.

Proactively engage your patients with a series of personalized, digital content across multiple platforms.

  • Build trust, educate patients, and reinforce your role as a trusted partner
  • Guide patients based on their personal health needs, vaccine priority, and vaccine supply
  • Deliver automated yet personalized digital content, driven by data and analytics
  • Remove the burden from front desk or other clinical staff
  • Eliminate ineffective, high cost telephone outreach


Patients proactively navigated to client health system services


Average patient activation rate with COVID-19 pathways



Patients booked virtual or in-office visits with online
tools during COVID-19


More necessary appointments booked without a phone call

Upfront Navigation Programs for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

  • From our work with Northwestern Medicine, DuPage Medical Group, and Riverside Healthcare, we learned that COVID communication must start simple and early – build trust, educate patients, and reinforce your role as a credible partner. This proactive approach is designed to encourage acceptance and later, navigate patients through the vaccination process.

    • Pre-vaccine warm-up education
    • Ready to get the vaccine
    • Follow-up for second dose
    • Post vaccination follow-up check-in & symptom triage

  • Upfront Appointment Rebooking program delivers each patient a personalized experience that will allow them to easily rebook their appointment within your existing workflow at the appropriate site of care or virtual service, in less than 3 clicks. Our appointment rebooking program includes guidance on what precautionary safety measures you have in place for all of your in-person services (including emergency visits) to put your patients’ minds at ease.

    Examples of appointments that can be rebooked:
    • Annual Wellness Visits
    • Elective surgeries
    • Preventive screenings (i.e. colonoscopies)
    • Routine appointments (i.e. physicals)
    • Specialist visits
    • And many more!

  • Automated, digital delivery of COVID-19 test result to patients along with information about what that means for the patient, why it is important to continue to practice social distancing, local information about shelter in place orders and navigation to other helpful system services.

    • 69% engagement rate
    • 53% of patients completed patient reported outcome symptom checker
    • Saved over 5.5 FTE of clinician time per week

  • Daily or every other day checks with symptom survey to capture patient reported outcomes about patients’ condition and navigation to video visit, nurse call, e-visit or other clinical resource

    • 45% engagement rate across all clients

  • Personalized education about symptoms, prevention, national emergency details and more. Navigation to community resources, surveys for who qualifies for a COVID-19 test, how to use e-visits, video visits nurse triage lines and more.

    • 39% engagement rate
    • 70% of those with medical concerns completed a virtual visit or e-visit
    • 30% called a dedicated COVID-19 nurse triage line

  • Personalized education and navigation with specific information that needs to be distributed in real-time to employees about employee health resources, links for triage and assessment steps, symptom checks and more.

    • 37% engagement rate

  • Personalized guidance and education specific to this population on everything from social distancing best practices to connecting and engaging in meaningful ways. Includes navigation to contact their facility’s caregivers and receive added assistance and support if necessary. Communication is delivered to both resident and family members or emergency contacts.

Deliver Personalized Patient Education and Navigation

What Our Clients & Patients Have To Say

“It’s really important to create an engagement ecosystem for patients. We have to remove obstacles to patients getting the right information about coronavirus so they can make the best decisions for their health. We need to get the message out to all patients that they should call ahead before visiting one of our facilities.”

Eileen Varnson
Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Riverside
“With Upfront, we can put that information at their fingertips. And as local instructions about sheltering in place and other recommended practices have changed, we have been able to update the information we are pushing out to employees and team members. Upfront understands the challenges our at-risk patients face.”

Ryan McWaters
Vice President, PopHealthCare
"Thank you ALL for your hard dedicated work thru this!"
“Thank you for the very helpful information and thanks to all the staff...... please stay safe!!!!”

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